We had a baby

Yes, we had a baby! He’s called Harlyn James and naturally we think he’s adorable.

But that does explain why I’ve been so quiet on the internet front – turns out pregnancy is hard! As is looking after a teeny tiny baby. The less said about labour the better at this stage I think…


There are many aspects of the whole pregnancy, childbirth, newborn life I will probably blog about later on, but for now I’m off to bed – I need to feed the boy shortly and we have a busy day tomorrow, at 11 weeks old we’re going swimming for the first time… he has a more hectic schedule than me.


Fluffy eggs


Yes I know, it’s been 2 years since I last blogged – I’ll get to that. But first, Fluffy Eggs. A new breakfast / brunch / I’m hungry and time no longer has any meaning….dish.

If I can whip these up in my current state, anyone can. I more or less followed this recipe – the only tip I would add was I put each egg yoke into it’s own shot glass so I could then deploy it into it’s fluffy egg white cloud directly.



Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year everyone. It’s 2014, doesn’t time fly.

It’s January, which means only one thing – the great board game play through of 2014.

The rules
– Each board game in the house must be played once
– No repeates
– No new board games must be bought by either player before all games in the house are played.
– All variations of each game must be played

We just created the list – we have 59 board games in the house… this may be a long January!


Board Games

Ham Pasta Recipe


WP_20130806_022A very simple and healthy pasta dish. It was cooked on an advert for I think Waistrose years ago, but I can’t find a reference to it now. Good staple, very easy and very tasty.

The Cast:
– Bow pasta
– Spring onions
– Thin ham
– Creme Fraiche
– Olive oil spray
– Black pepper (not shown)
– Parsley (Optional)
Put the pasta on to cook
Spray a wok generously with the olive oil spray
chop the spring onions and start to gently fry.
Chop the ham – as hard as it may be, do not be neat about this or it will all stick together! WP_20130806_015
Throw into the pan with the spring onions – don’t let them burn. You’re trying to fry the onions and heat the ham, not crisp it. You’ll probiably have to turn it off whilst you wait for the pasta to finish cookingMake sure the Creme Fraiche is out of the fridge! WP_20130806_017
 Drain the cooked pasta and add to the wok WP_20130806_018
 Stir it all together WP_20130806_019
 You want the ham distributed evenly.Turn off the heat, add the Creme Fraiche and stir! WP_20130806_020
Add plenty of ground black pepper and some parsley if you have it. 




May 2012

So what have I been upto this month? A quick recap!
  • It’s play time – memory of water in the village. It looks fantastic, I’m on lighting this time. Luckily a lot of my Noda lighting course in August 2009 is coming back to me.
    • It’s a lot like sound.
  • Currently reading a book – Prince of Thorns, so far it’s good if bleak.
  • The last book I read was the first in a trilogy – The-Traitors-Heir, very good, written by someone from my old school.
  • Booked a trip to Bruges for late June with the beloved, 5 days – beer, chocolate, canals, chips and muscles 🙂
  • Off to dddsw this afternoon, looking forward to another interesting weekend – last year was an eye opener, yes I met the beloved but I also learnt about Kanban for the first time and had my eyes opened to the life changing concept of test driven development.
  • Today my Raspberry pi arrived! Very exciting.
I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it. I haven’t even got a hdmi cable… I feel like a terrible hardware-mother, it’s like bringing a baby home without having a pram…
I’m sure it’ll be fine and it won’t resent me, although I’m expecting some hardware failures when it hits its teens…
As I’m busy with rehearsals for the next two weeks I won’t get a chance to have a proper tinker with it for while but I’m still pleased 🙂
Post arrived! Squee

  • my mashed potatoes – mix in a small amount of cheese, dash of milk, possibly butter, plenty of pepper and the secret ingredient – a teaspoon of horseradish – serve with poached eggs, lovely.
  • millionaire shortbread – I followed the recipe on the tin but made my own shortbread
  • lots of variations of my tomato pasta recipe

first attempt at Millionaires Shortbread...poached eggs on onion/cheese/horseradish mash. Rather yummy


  • The Avengers Assembled – assembled as I saw it it the uk where the Avengers is something completely different. Good fun film
  • more game of thrones
  • still ploughin through star trek TNG – really enjoying it now I’m past the first season
  • In the Star Trek theme – watched the documentary Trekkies on netflicks
  • And yet more – saw the documentary The Captains
  • – the Saboteur play list on spotify – see below


  • My education is gaming is continuing, I’ve been brought The  Saboteur which is really enjoyable, once you get past the rather… stylised Irish accent. It looks and sound good, I’m enjoying the sound track.
  • I brought farm frenzy 3 on the iPad a few months ago when it was on sale and I’ve been powering through that, it’s a lot more addictive than a game that involves gathering milk/eggs/fleece has any right to be


  • couple of upgrades recently
  • couple of new projects
  • one of which involved a significant amount of data manipulation in and out of 3 SQL server databases, it even included a multi-sheeted spreadsheet. This makes a very happy Amy!

Nice reflections today #officeviews

Cat got my tongue?

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged much recently. Or at all.

(I wonder what percentage of blog posts are of the type “Sorry I have’t blogged much recently but my uber exciting life has got in the way”?)

Why so silent? I have to admit, the cat’s got my tongue. I still have things I want to say but I didn’t know if I should, could or how, then I became rusty and lost my voice. It’s a vicious cycle of over thinking.

we have a cat in a box situation. mandatory images posted to interwebs cc @damejudiofdench
A cat - no tounge

There are many reasons why the blogging stopped, some of which need explaining.

The company I work for has embraced social media, mainly twitter but there are also some spiffing YouTube videos out there with backing tracks that IN NO WAY resemble 1970s porn music.

As you no doubt know I’m rather fond of crafting the odd tweet, but should I interact with the corporate twitter accounts – accounts talking about one of the most important things in my life, our product family? What if a client sees me retweeting something important, looks at my feed and realises that, yes, my guilty secret is occasionally watching XFactor and tweeting about it? Or my amdram obsession? Would YOU let your mission critical software be written by a person who obsessively posts pictures of food?

du pan, du vin, du boursinOo, I can make toad in the hole!Toffee on to set!No idea if this is going to work, scallops wrapped in bacon!Terrible piping. Kettle is on ready to test...

Or, would you rather engage a company who employs faceless drones? Is it better to just not know?

Should we be as professional as we would be in a client meeting at all times, or does that come across as dull and, at worst, fake? That’s certainly an attribute you never want to have in people you employ.

I have always been of the opinion that you should never put anything online that you wouldn’t say to anyone face-to-face. This was a pretty good rule of thumb in the 90s when everyone wasn’t hyper-connected but now, everything feels much more traceable.

As an example, let’s say I post a tweet linking to a photo in my flickr stream, the previous photo was of me out with friends, one of which is tagged, the client follows that tag to the other persons flickr stream, and then there’s a picture of me in their stream doing something not development related like, oh I don’t know, drinking? Dancing? Playing video games? In a church?  Basically doing – well, anything that isn’t development – and potentially something that the viewer finds offensive.

I don’t feel the need to keep my life a secret, or anything I do – if I do it, well, it’s me, take all of me or none of me – even if that means accepting that I’ve sat in classy bars knitting….

But what if this picture of a complete person ever reflects back badly on my employers rather wonderful product?

(Warning: this next paragraph may not be fashionable, it certainly isn’t cool and it may even make you a little nauseous.)

I adore my company’s product. Our main product is spectacularly powerful – (working) life changingly powerful. It can revolutionise oganisations. I truly do not know how people live day to day without it – or something like it. And I never want to reflect badly on it.

When I was employed about in April 2005 employers only needed to worry about their employees during the working day. As long as they turned up, looked smart, worked hard, and didn’t do something so spectacuarly stupid that they end up in the tabloids and brought the company into disrepute everything was peachy. Now employer’s have to consider their people’s online identities. Or do they? And should they?

So, I’ve been quiet, trying not to scare off that most timid of beasts – the new corporate account runners, but enough is enough.

I am not just a developer, I am a whole person.

I live, love, cook, dream – and I’m back.

Tonight involved unpicking... #crochet cc @dtsnSlightly odd Hobby 1
Ambassador - Set Build
Odd hobby 2 - Amdram

Back in the village for a funeral of a genuinely good person, RIPThank you for my Christmas Whisky Rocks @boffbowsh squeeI think @bakerleuk and @james_hodgson know me too well! Best gift ever! Thanks guys x

Three things that might cause offence – Church, Drinking and an unhealthy love of spreadsheets – take it or leave it!


Vanouver 2011I’m currently in Vancouver, Canada – this city is food obsessed, I love it!

Breakfast, oh yes

Vanouver 2011Vanouver 2011

I am learning Python between times – I’m becoming rather fond of the language I must say, more of that another time.

Gadget update: I love my sony ereader, this holiday is really showing it’s worth from a weight-saving point of view only.

Vanouver 2011But as much as I love my ereader, it’s not a patch on how devoted the parents are to their kindles! Every time we sit down to have a coffee, beer or to look at a view, they wipe them out and start reading. I would recomend them for distracting oldies on long flights!

Vanouver 2011

A PHP developer lost in .net land

Blimey that was fun!

I am back from an extremely interesting weekend at Developer Developer Developer South West – a day long tech conference loosely based about .NET technologies.

Now as you may know, I’m a php developer – so what on earth was I doing there?

I’ve never been snobby about languages, they are means to an end – producing a product that does what it needs to do, and making the world a better place. How you get there isn’t really important to anyone other than the development team, so no, just because I haven’t touched .Net in years didn’t worry me, I was sure I would still get something out of the non-.net-specific sessions – and I did.

Another reason was to feed my secret geeky need to revel in the way different people approach things – why do people from one technology stack approach problems in a certain way? And what do they do that I and the world I live in don’t, and is it better? What Can I Pillage?

Also, I thought it would be fun – I ended up at the pre-drinks for DDD Reading a year or so ago and they seemed like a good crowd. The DDDSW people were charming, intelligent individuals happy to have their brains picked by anyone.

It was a remarkably valuable day. We are all working in the same industry, we all have the same goals – to produce solutions that are as good as we can possible make them within the constraints time, money and clients give us – and the knowledge and insights shared will stay with me for a while.

So, thoughts?

I’m about to open my code editor for the first time today – I’m not sure if I’m going to run screaming from the room crying “My eyes! My eyes!” when I see it, or roll around in my beloved php code like a dog in a muddle puddle happy to be home.

Will I be abandoning my first true love of PHP and embracing the .Net goodness? Not this week. But I have a project ‘radiator’ already doodled down and I’m eyeing up that blank wall behind me for potential kanban goodness. I’ve just been on a book buying rampage on O’Reilly and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using jQuery templates within the next few days.

Either way, I know I’ll never look at code in quite the same way again – I’m blaming the Test Driven Development session for that. Thinking about tests before you write the code and hence letting that guide your code design was the biggest Aha! moment of the day.

So I say this to you my friends, go forth and meet your fellow developers, no matter their platform, language or workflow – we need to share our ideas, our philosophies and our passion. And drink beer.

Knitting a Doctor Who Scarf

This weekend I gave my friend Ben his birthday present – a replicate, hand knitted, Doctor Who scarf.

Luckily he liked it!

I made a Tom Baker #doctorwho scarf :-)

When your life is full of social media, keeping a secret is hard – I’ve been knitting this scarf since before Christmas and finished it at 3:20am on 2nd April. 2011. In that time I haven’t been able to mention it online at all incase he heard about it – we’re both active twitter users, we’re both friends on facebook, we subscribe to each other’s blog RSS (don’t you Ben…?).

And of course I had  to instruct all our mutual friends to not say a word online either.

Doctor Who ScarfDoctor Who Scarf

As someone that tells the world what I’m doing, keeping a big project like this under wraps has not been easy! But also quite an interesting experiment. Occatioanlly I would tweet about what percentage I had left – courtesy of my spreadsheet

The scarf itself was made from a pattern on the http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com site – the “original”, which is one of the shorter patterns available – remember when I started this project I could hardly knit! Oh I can now… if you ever want to learn how to knit, this is the project for you!

There was 1042 rows in the scarf, with 60 stitches across – a total of 62,520 stitches.

As I’m a slow knitting this took about 3 minutes a row (that’s 3 seconds a stitch allowing to turning etc), so that means this took just over 52 hours – and that’s without sewing in the ends, blocking and the tassels!

As I had wool left over I made a scaled down version for Darren, he seemed bemused which is exactly the reaction I want when I give someone something, which quite frankly, lets face it – it crazy.

Doctor Who Scarf

My thanks to my mother and Katharine ‘The Sorceress’ for helping me knitting part of it!

I hope that Ben enjoys his scarf and wears it to many-a-geeky event, or just snuggled on the sofa at home watching the latest series.

Am I ever going to make something this large again? Oh yes – well, I want one for myself!

Why so silent? Quick recap on my life recently!

I’ve not blogged for a while. Is this because my life suddenly became dull and uninteresting? Did I lose that essential brand of ego one needs to assume that the world gives a flying monkey’s cage about what you do and think and therefore will read your blog?

No. Simply put. I’ve been busy.

You’re always busy I hear you cry… alright, I’ve been up to something. Three somethings infact. But I can’t tell you about them yet… I will do though.

The other reason is http://onecrumbshort.co.uk – yes, I’ve finally created a cooking blog with a good friend of mine. You can find out about it over there. I shall be re-working the recipes on here and copying them over to there in the coming months. Which means I can use this blog for it’s original intention – musings on the techie side of my life, without food getting in the way.

Will this place be a food-free zone? Oh I think not, as Dorcus said, “Food is my one weakness”

So what HAVE I been doing?

Went to Bletchly park

Bletchly Park

Had BBQs with my friends

Summer BBQ

Bought a new tea pot

Masala chain from @adagiotea on the brew

Bought a new camera

Model Railway

Had a craving for boiled condensed milk and blondies – and like all good cravings, it must be given into!


And fell truly, madly, deeply in love with PHPUnit testing. Where have you been all my life?!