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My name is Amy and I’m a recovering News Junkie.

I do well these days, I only check the BBC news website 3 or 4 times a day but there have been periods in my life where I would live on news sites, devouring the soap opera / action movie / documentory that is our wonderful world.

Today is the General Election. If you are eligable and you haven’t voted – go vote now. Chris Alexander has explained this more eloquently than I could in his post this morning “Today is the General Election. There’s no excuse not to vote

For those of you that have voted and are ready to sit back and watch the drama unfold, I would like to share with you my current news-junkie-fix set up.

1. BBCBBC News Live Election Results Page –  This looks like it’s shaping up to be a very useful page, this will be on my laptop screen tonight

2. News Now – News Now’s Election Page

I have been addicted to this site since that September a few years ago when all the news websites went down, this site remained avalibale in patches and bought in feeds from hundreds of different websites from all over the world. It agrigates news stories from hundreds of sources – If you want to get all the news about anything, this is the place to go.

3. Twitter and TweetTabs

I get lots of my breaking news and most certainly interesting commentary from Twitter these days. I will be using TweetTabs (made by the every talented dtsn – http://www.dtsn.co.uk) to keep an eye on the hashtags. Here’s my set up – http://tweettabs.com/tabs/%23ge2010/%23ukvote/%23ReadingW/

If you want to find your local constituency’s hash tag, check the list on this website http://www2.politicalbetting.com/index.php/ge2010-hashtags/

What ever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy your election night.  Please share your favourite resources in the comments!

Final Thought When something exciting happens in the tech world – a new product lauch etc – there is ALWAYS a life blogging feed from someone, seems weird to not be going to EnGadget for live blogging of the election!


Live Blogging from the Farmer Guardian – a different take no doubt

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