Come back cable all is forgiven


As those of you who have been on the receiving end of one of my house-buying rants will know, I will (hopefully) soon be moving house. In preparation of this I am processing, filing and packing everything single thing I own – a life times worth of… stuff. It’s both theriputic, nostalgic, dusting and tiring.

Do I keep my boomerang that I bought in a boomerang shop in Kings Cross in Sydney? Yes, I think so. What about my rather nice personalised leather pencil pouch from school that I probiably wont use again as it has cats on it? Not sure… The book of stickers from primary school – bin.

But my biggest pain at the moment? I’ve packed away my computer stuff* apart from the very essentials. I currently have no way to get photos off my camera and onto my computer – all the things that I care about that I’ve packed carefully away are not causing me as much pain as that one small USB cable. The silver teapot I got for my 18th birthday? Been in a box for 3 weeks already and I’m fine without it. My crocket hooks – well I do get fidgety with no work to pick up and do but I’m coping, even my DVDs have been packed for three weeks. But not being able to get at my photos locked in my camera! Agony!

I may have to go box diving….. wish me luck

Box Mountain

* Stuff being the techncial term of course