Policy of not buying stuff – update

It’s been about a week now and I haven’t bought anything except food. So how’s it going?

Not to bad at all… this worries me, surely this should be harder?

Have I had any withdrawal symptoms? Not yet, but then I haven’t exposed myself to temptation, no ebaying, no amazon-ing, no wondering though town on my way to buy lunch – this week it might be time to see just how good I can be.

I can’t find my round hair brush at the moment, it must be somewhere but I have no idea where. It is highly probiably that had this been two weeks again I would have bought another one when I passed though boots yesterday but I didn’t and you know something amazing? My world haven’t fallen apart – ok my hair looks crazy but when doesn’t it?

All in all, it’s not going too badly

Things I thought I wanted this week but I don’t really want or need:

  • A round hair brush – I have one somewhere, it’ll turn up, I have other brushes
  • Rockband instruments – where would I keep them and when would I play them?
  • A tripod – I still really want this, if I still want one after this is over then maybe I might get on
  • A Nexus One – you’re just being silly now

Lets see how it goes….

Hello world!

Hello World!

What a great phrase to start a blog with, it’s welcoming, friendly and just a little bit geeky.

I’m not going to do a long, rambling opening post, I’m just going to dive in – if you want to know about me, who I am and why I blog the following posts should explain it better than a few lofty paragraphs could – besides, when was the last time you read a “I’m going to blog and it’ll be amazing” post without rolling your eyes?

Me me me This is me by the way, if you see me in and around Reading do wave and say hello.