Policy of not buying stuff – update

It’s been about a week now and I haven’t bought anything except food. So how’s it going?

Not to bad at all… this worries me, surely this should be harder?

Have I had any withdrawal symptoms? Not yet, but then I haven’t exposed myself to temptation, no ebaying, no amazon-ing, no wondering though town on my way to buy lunch – this week it might be time to see just how good I can be.

I can’t find my round hair brush at the moment, it must be somewhere but I have no idea where. It is highly probiably that had this been two weeks again I would have bought another one when I passed though boots yesterday but I didn’t and you know something amazing? My world haven’t fallen apart – ok my hair looks crazy but when doesn’t it?

All in all, it’s not going too badly

Things I thought I wanted this week but I don’t really want or need:

  • A round hair brush – I have one somewhere, it’ll turn up, I have other brushes
  • Rockband instruments – where would I keep them and when would I play them?
  • A tripod – I still really want this, if I still want one after this is over then maybe I might get on
  • A Nexus One – you’re just being silly now

Lets see how it goes….