Manic week

Well this week has been one of those weeks – but it seems a lot of weeks in my life are like that.

This begs the question, do I attract drama or am I just a drama queen?

Im managing a project at work that is both intense and important, not dramatic in itself but making sure everyone in is the right place at the right time doing the tasks Ive promised they will be doing at the right time has its moments, luckly the chaps who are actually doing the work needed (as apposed to me who just draws pretty gantt charts) are great. Even so, lots of balls to keep in the air.

(I love it!)

Thursday the parents returned from working up north for three days, pa wasnt feeling too great so went to the doctors who immediectly sent him off to hospital… After several hours of tests and not thinking all sorts of terrible solutions turned out he had appendicitis – still horrid but dealable with. He had the op late Friday and will be home by Saturday evening – phew.

And the third dramatic thing in my life this week? I finally completed on my house and got the keys! Sort of excited but no time to think about that right now, work emails to check, dad to worry about, did I mention my aunt has also been taken to hospital this week? Looks like she will have to have another op on her guts, and now Im sitting on a train off to Loughborough for a week at the Noda Summer School!

Yes, a bit of a manic week but everything is working out ok.

Wonder whats next? 🙂