Noda Summer School – 1

Sitting on a very nice midlands train enrout to Loughborough and the 2009 Noda Summer School.

Ive sighed myself up for a weeks course on stage lighting – a subject I know nothing about other than I WOULD like to know about it! Im thinking that may not be enough. Reading through the list of other people doing this course and the all sound very capable! And male. And old.

Hopefully there will be some under-fifties on the course, should I hope for under-30s?

This is going to be an interesting week with interesting people – a week in uni halls with a bunch of amdram luvvies!

Listening to all Forbidden Broadway to get into a suitable dramatic mood.

When I get there I have to hand in my form stating which of the evening sessions I want to do, Mondays sound intense… Do I have the confidence to try the jazz dance session?