The Lure of the ‘New Shiny’ – Satisfying Gadget Lust

Everyone has an array of guilty pleasures that they indulge in as and when. Something that makes them feel alive. Sends the tingles down to the very tips of their fingers.

An act that not only makes you feel every so slightly, but also deliciously wicked –  makes your toes wiggle, hidden in your sensible shoes under your desk just thinking about it.

I’m about to indulge in one of my (oh so very few) weaknesses – the one I internally refer to as ‘new-shiny’.

Yes, I admit it. I’m sitting here doing the refresh-tracking-page dance in-between metaphorically running my fingers though lines of code trying to debug a particularly bizarre error.

Any moment now… either today or tomorrow my new shiny will arrive on my desk. And it’s been a long wait, almost 3 weeks! I don’t know how I’ve been this patient – but now it’s almost here I can’t wait!

It doesn’t matter that I’ve been derided from all sides for ordering this particular gaget – James Marshall has been particularly scathing, but then this is the man who has a blackberry – a device that I have no love for for No Reason.

@amykate I still think you are beyond crazy for parting with ANY money for that device. It’s a pile of plastic, unreliable, cr*p. 🙁less than a minute ago via web

So what am I waiting for with such bated breath – possible caused by the garlic in last night’s meal?

An aPed – yes, a tablet PC that runs Android. No, not an iPad which, at their cheapest, are currently retailing at £429, something for less than a quater of that price that will give me the functionality I want.

Was this a sensible decision? Should I have used this money to pay off my mortgage instead? Oh yes, there are, I’m sure, infinite options of more sensible things to do – but can you, a fellow geek – blame me for giving into the lure of the Shiny?

Might just go and check in at reception again and see if anything’s turned up….

4 thoughts on “The Lure of the ‘New Shiny’ – Satisfying Gadget Lust

  1. I know the feeling. I really want to get a WD TV Live (Media Streamer) to watch video from my PC. I have wanted it for about 3 weeks, but making myself wait till next pay day and it is agony waiting. I keep looking at the product pages!

  2. I have just acquired an Android based phone, after years of being wedded to Windows Mobile. It is fast, gadget and App packed and – yes – very shiny!! The only thing it lacks is a direct link to sync with my copy of Outlook 2010, but this is coming in the next two weeks.

    As a lifelong (and it has been so very long) “early adopter” giving in to the shiny is now my default position!! So I say “Go Girl, Go”!!

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