You know what they say about girls with red netbooks…

I have finally stopped researching, thinking, qualifying, defining and trying to rationalise my need and longing for a net book and just gone and bought one.

It’s been about an hour now and I love it!

webcam 002I am sitting in Starbucks using their wi-fi (best move they ever made, will certainly make more people use this place) twittering and setting up a thin development environment.

Do I still want a macbook pro? Yes. Do I want to spend £1200 on a gadget that I’ll only use once or twice a week? Nope.

So, details – it’s an Acer Inspire and apparently it has about 7 hours of battery life… will get to that at some point.

It’s also red.

Now I know at this point you would be expecting me to start going on about ram and hardrive space and the processor but the thing is, I don’t care – this is not my main machine, I don’t need to even know what those numbers are – after today when I looked at the labels to see if it was beefy enough for what I needed of course – this is a fluff machine and as such I expect it to just work, to just do it’s thing and let me do mine. So far so good.

The one thing I DO care about on this machine is the keyboard, which thus far is behaving, it’s just ‘clicky’ enough but not so much that the people on the next table want to kill me (c.f. the keyboard I used far into the nights at uni… sorry guys). And I can type on it, just need to get used to the backspace key and I’ll be there.

So what will I be doing on this machine? Why, in fact, did I buy it? It’s red and I wanted it – do I need more of a reason than that?

Well yes, there IS a reason – life as it currently stand is just manic therefore I need to be connected between things so I can keep the admin side of my life running smoothly. In a moment I’ll be working on the props list for the next production before heading off to salsa 🙂

But first… must just check my emails 😉

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  1. I also bought the Acer – for writing OU assignments and checking email from time to time. And *ahem* because it was pink. I love it. I adore it. I buy it funky neoprene covers. I take it anywhere and everywhere with me… and it hasn’t seen a single note taken for OU yet! The keyboard is an issue, sometimes. It is a daily bet as to which key will stick this day… but like my Mini of 25 years ago, I forgive it every last foible.

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